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Reverse Osmosis DiagramReverse Osmosis is a process that was discovered and understood well enough to be made reliable about 40 years ago

On the right is a diagram which depicts a “Reverse Osmosis Plant”. Though much simplified basic it is showing the the size of the hole in the membrane
which the water passes is smaller the even the size of say a virus. This diagram is not to scale represents the process approximately.

Reverse osmosis is now used in commonly in the home as well as industries such has  medicine and pharmaceuticals as away  of purifying or separating water and other impurities from it.

Reverse Osmosis: A Scientific View (Explained Simply)

Reverse Osmosis explained simply is hard to do but it is a considered complex process which uses a series membranes under pressure to separate relatively pure water (or other solvent) from a less pure solutions. When 2 aqueous (liquid) solutions of different concentrations are separated by a semi-permeable membrane, water can pass through the membrane in the direction of the more concentrated solution as a result of osmotic pressure. If enough counter pressure is applied to the concentrated solution to overcome the osmotic pressure, the flow of water will be reversed.

Here is a great prezi which explains the process.

Quality of Reverse Osmosis Product Water

The amount of dissolved solids in water produced by reverse osmosis is approximately a constant percentage of those in the feed water. So if you live in an with a great deal of disolved solids in the water you will need to replace the cartridges in you system more often to keep the Reverse Osmosis system in peek condition. You can buy replace cartridges here or a complete 5-stage reverse osmosis system which fits under your sink

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This is a difficult question to answer so we think you could ask yourself a series of questions about how do you use water.

1. How much water does your household drink are you big water drinkers  ?
Most people drink should drink at least 6-8 cups (glasses) a day but that really that will depend on personal circumstances, activity levels, age and environment.

2. What sort of budget did you have in mind ? 
An under sink system now start at $110 for a great 3 stage water filter

3. Does your budget matches your expectation ?
Hopeful our latest price reductions of saving $200 we can now offer them at $490 plus shipping for a reverse osmosis system)

4. Is removing fluoride important to you ?You can learn more about fluoride and what the ADA (US) we have to say about the matter in our opinion blog post written a few months ago this year.

5. Do you have the space for an under-sink water filter system ?
You will need to have access to you underneath your sink area.

6. Will you self install or need an expert ?
If you can self install great other contact us for more information about how to find a suitable person to help

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An undersink water filter system is an advanced type of filtration system that fits neatly under you sink, hence the name undersink (or under sink) water filter system.

It help will make drinking water safer for your family with improved taste and greater clarity, you’ll find better flavour in foods and beverages when they are made with filtered water.

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water System
This is a what one of 5 Stage Reserve Osmosis Undersink system looks like.

One of the greatest things about undersink system is that you can simply turn on a tap and get fantastic water from it. Also it is out of the way unlike a water filter system that sits on your kitchen counter taking up valuable bench space. By installing it under your counter the system can include a pump and that means it can also produce more water than a system which is gravity feed or counter-top based.

Most people can install of themselves in just a couple of hours and they only maintenance required is the change of replaceable cartridges ever 6-12 months depending the condition of the water going through the system in the first place.

The first time you change you ever change a cartirdge you will be glad you got a filter rather then being the filter (think about your poor kidneys).



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