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At FilterWater.com.au  we have a great suggestion for making a better home brew.

A lot of people ask me what is so special about the home brew beer I  love to make and this is usually from other home brew enthusiasts as well. Many are surprised to hear my secret is really simple filtered water. Specifically using a RO (reverse osmosis) system to remove most of the chlorine and other nasty chemicals that can effect the taste and smell.






All good home brewed beers start with having happy yeast and they are particularly fussing about the water not just the temperature which is quite specific for most yeast but the quality of the water meaning has it had the chlorine, salts and other chemicals removed.

I would also recommend a system with a pump as it can take a long time to fill 23 liters of water without one.

If you like to learn more about yeast take a look at this guide from Beer Advocate


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