An undersink water filter system is an advanced type of filtration system that fits neatly under you sink, hence the name undersink (or under sink) water filter system.

It help will make drinking water safer for your family with improved taste and greater clarity, you’ll find better flavour in foods and beverages when they are made with filtered water.

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water System
This is a what one of 5 Stage Reserve Osmosis Undersink system looks like.

One of the greatest things about undersink system is that you can simply turn on a tap and get fantastic water from it. Also it is out of the way unlike a water filter system that sits on your kitchen counter taking up valuable bench space. By installing it under your counter the system can include a pump and that means it can also produce more water than a system which is gravity feed or counter-top based.

Most people can install of themselves in just a couple of hours and they only maintenance required is the change of replaceable cartridges ever 6-12 months depending the condition of the water going through the system in the first place.

The first time you change you ever change a cartirdge you will be glad you got a filter rather then being the filter (think about your poor kidneys).



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